You will need water, tea, kettle (or any other boiling device), brewing vessel, and about 10 minutes of your precious time. Our own choice of the brewer is a stainless steel tea tumbler.

We don't like the phony claims, so we think that tea is just a part of a healthier lifestyle, maybe even the most delicious part of it.

Tea leaf has higher caffeine content even than robusta coffee beans. What we love about tea is that it has caffeine, but the joy of tea taste is not bound to caffeine. For example, the whole "Enter" pu-erh tea minicake contains approx. the same amount of caffeine as in one 16oz Grande coffee. But you will use just 1/4 of the cake to brew 16oz of tea, and after that you can brew the same leaf and get another cup with caffeine content.

The whole journey of the tea from plantation to cup is far from being called environmentally friendly. So our aim is to address some of these eco-issues. First, our teas have a compact eco-packaging and long shelf-life. Second, we ship our product in a biodegradable, recyclable and reusable package. And lastly, we also make our tea to suit simple brewing tools providing a good alternative to single-use tea-bags.

Earth matters! Tea-shop created by the devoted pu-erh tea lovers.

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