Perfect tea tumbler and how to use it right!

Our choice is stainless steel tumbler: compact, non-fragile, easy to care, intended for long and multipurpose use. But the main design feature is that it keeps temperature while brewing, so any type of tea, including compressed tea made of very stocky leaf, will brew to its perfection.


What to pay attention while choosing a tumbler?  

Material – food grade stainless steel. 

Volume – 2 cups size(16 oz) - great to have it by yourself or share with someone. 

Simple design: a strainer that sits well and seals possible spills allows to shake the tumblers making the brew uniform.

How to use it?

Let’s admit that we don’t know what exact brewing protocol designers had in their minds, but we guess that they wanted you to put the leaf in the strainer bucket and then pull it out.

We found better way of using tumbler:

  1. take the strainer out
  2. put a piece of tea inside the tumbler
  3. put the strainer back on its place
  4. add half cup of water and rinse the leaf for 40 seconds
  5. pour out the water
  6. fill in the tumbler with water (just boiled)
  7. close the lid 
  8. forget about the tumbler for 4-5 minutes
  9. shake the tumbler
  10. open the lid and serve your tea 
  11. optional

    boil the water and fill the tumbler once again. The next brew will be ready in 5-10 minutes.