BRU:GE WAFFLE Thick Taste Compressed Pu-erh Tea Cake (7.1 Oz)

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  • HANDY - the cake is divided into 44 small pieces (4-5 g each)
  • 100% sustainable bamboo leaf package AND ZERO-WASTE SHIPPING PACKAGE
  • MEDIUM caffeine content
  • COMPACT - the pressed cake allows you to easily take a cup of tea with you wherever you go. The tea is pressed, so it's more portable and less likely to go stale than regular tea.
  • Smooth taste of Menghai grown tea

Post fermented black (shou ripe) tea.

The leaf was processed in 2019 and pressed after almost 2 year of aging.

Leaf origin: Menghai county of Yunnan Province, China.

2d generation of our shou pu-erh waffle series is made of the same batch of 2019 year Menghai leaf, but for the Thick Taste version we’ve chosen a much finer leaf.

The name is full of allusions: we combined word “brew” with a Chinese particle geElder brother) used to express respect or familiarity. 

To brew follow your taste and these simple rules:

  • Use just-boiled water (208-212°F).
  • Don't brew as one piece, crush or divide into smaller, rather even pieces.
  • Warm-up leaf with a short-timed preparatory brew. Use a small (just enough to cover the leaf) amount of water, wait for 30-40 seconds, and pour the water off (do not drink it!).

Brew tea for 3-5 minutes. Tea to water ratio is 1 to 80-100.

For example: use 4-5 grams of tea for 12 oz mug.

In order to keep shape, the leaf was compressed rather hard, so give the leaf enough time to unstick and brew.


  • Ripe pu-erh wet-pile fermentation process takes up to 60 days and involves microorganisms, so ripe pu-erh taste profile differs from taste of other types of teas. A bit earthy taste is a part of pu-erh taste profile.
  • Please remember that short-time (10-20 sec) rinsing stage is needed while brewing pressed tea. We would also recommend crushing mini cake evenly for better rinsing and faster brewing process.  
  • Ripe pu-erh tea should be brewed with water just boiled (208-212°F).