PICNIC Pu-erh Tea Compressed Into Bird Nest Shape (3.5 Oz)

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Ripe (aka Shu / Shou 熟) Pu-erh Tea compressed into spherical shape (tuocha 沱茶)

Why picnic? Because we made this tea to be brewed using a travel mug or a tumbler.


  • Detach some amount of leaf (usually some = 0.17 oz for 16 oz of water)
  • Brew it with small (just to cover the leaf) amount of hot water for 20-30 sec. Dispose of this "rinsing" brew.
  • Add hot water.
  • Close the tumbler.
  • Enjoy your hike.
  • Enjoy your tea during or after the hike.


Other usages? Brew it in a teapot. It will pair with almost any type of food.